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Entrance Percentages for Post Secondary Institutions


Each post-secondary institution (PSI) and each program or faculty within that institution has its own minimum entrance percentage that students must meet in order to be accepted.  A PSI includes any schooling after secondary school – colleges, technical schools, universities, etc.   

A university will have a minimum entrance percentage (or percentage range) for each program.  For example, the Faculty of Arts program may require all entrance courses to average above 80% or a range of mid 80’s; whereas the Faculty of Science within the same university may require all entrance courses to average above 85% or a range of mid to high 80’s.   

Often at BC universities, grade 11 courses are also needed for entrance, and may be used in tabulating the admission percentage.  Please note that UBC Okanagan and Vancouver look at grade 11 marks as part of their admission assessment.  

Each school sets its own entrance averages based on the number of seats available and the number of applicants that year; therefore, the entrance averages are subject to change.   

UBC Okanagan and UBC use broad based admissions which means students must complete a personal profile which is assessed along with grades for admissions.  See the institution's website for details.  

There are also some college programs which do not accept applicants purely on marks, but based upon the date by which students apply.  Students are advised to apply as early as possible and to check the PSI's website as to when applications are opened.