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Post Secondary Institution (PSI) Info
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The information is updated as needed so keep checking back.
EdAccess: Student Secure Web this Ministry of British Columbia website allows students to access examination results and grades.
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You are required to apply to programs at post-secondary institutions in B.C. Along with an application; many institutions also require supporting documentation – such as transcripts, credentials or reference letters.

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If a student can't access their account and it has been more than 1 year since they logged in, they need to recreate their account by using the "Create Account" link.

If it has been less than 1 year since a student last logged into their account, they should use the "Forgotten your password?" link. An email will be sent with their log-in information.

If a student can no longer access the email account they provided, please email student first and last name and their PEN to Student.Certification@gov.bc.ca. Temporary passwords will be provided.