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UBC Application & Entrance Awards

​​​​​Application Process & Admissions Requ​irements

The University of British Columbia determines admissibility under a holistic process by looking at both academic performance  (i.e. grades) and applicant-submitted personal profiles. This is for admission to both the Okanagan and the Vancouver campuses.

1. ​Overall Academic ​Asses​​s​​ment

  • ​All Grade 11 and 12 Academic Courses (this includes Fine Arts courses)
  • The following are not​ accepted as Academic Courses:
    • ​Applied Design, Skills & Technologies
    • PHE​
    • Technology
    • Careers
    • Faith

​2. Core Academic Assessment

  • ​All Grade 11 and 12 courses within the subject categories related to the degree you apply to at UBC.
  • When a student presents both the Grade 11 and 12 course of the same subject (ex. Science, Social Studies), more focus is on the Grade 12 course mark.
  • Find Subject Categories for each degree (select Campus first)

​3. Degree-Specific Requirements

​4. Personal Profile

​In order to assess your preparedness for university, UBC will evaluate you on a broad range of criteria including your academic achievements and personal experiences. Knowing more about you through your Personal Profile helps UBC determine whether you will flourish at UBC, not just because of your grades, but also because of the experiences and ambition you b​ring with you.

​Considerations when Planning Grade 11 & 12​

  • UBC recommends 6 Grade 12 academic and/or non-academic courses to demonstrate course load (English 12, plus 5 courses). This is separate from all other transcript assessments.
  • Research the subject categories applicable to the Degree program and Campus to which you plan to apply.
  • Research the Degree-specific course requirements applicable to the Degree program and Campus to which you plan to apply.
  • Good grades!
  • Competitive Entrance:
    • Marks
    • Breadth (number of courses)
    • Depth (Calculus 12, AP, Dual Credit)
    • Relevancy to UBC program (i.e. Active Living 12 when applying to Kinesiology)
    • Contact UBC Okanagan Advising​

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Application De​adline Information

  • September Early Admission Deadline:  December 1st      
  • September Final Admission Deadline: January 15th  

After you have applied to UBC/UBCO, you must complete the post-secondary institution (PSI) selections process using the BC Ministry of Education Student Transcript Service.        ​

See PSI Receiving your Marks​ for details on how to complete this.

red line.JPG​ Undergraduate Entrance Awards  

The Presidential Scholars Awards program recognizes exceptional students for their academic and non-academic achievements by offering awards valued between $5,000 and $60,000. Students who apply for early admission by December 1will be automatically considered for this award.  

The Centennial Scholars Entrance Awardsare designed to improve access to post-secondary education for students facing significant financial barriers. This award is valued up to $80,000 and requires a separate application. Deadline to apply is December 1.