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AP (Advanced Placement)
AP Coordinator:   Dayna Culham
Room 193
The deadline to register for and order AP exams for the 2017 school year has passed. 

More information and a schedule of the exams can be found in the document below:

​*** For information about post-secondary institutions that consider AP credits, please follow this link: http://apcanada.collegeboard.org/participating-universities

AP Exam Informational Brochure
Welcome, current and prospective Advanced Placement students. Please see below for more information about some of the Advanced Placement courses offered at KSS.

If you are going to pursue post-secondary education, you will likely have to take at least one English or composition class.  Why not prepare for it - or even get credit for it – here at KSS? AP English Language and Composition is a university equivalency course; it will provide you with the experience and skills necessary to succeed in post-secondary classes. The focus is on building your reading, language, analysis, synthesis, and research skills. And if you score well enough on the exam, you may even earn credit for your first year English requirement! So why not challenge yourself, and prepare for what's coming …

Advanced Placement Computer Science is a new course offered at KSS for next year that will enable students to learn a new language (Java) and complete two self-directed projects.  Examples of projects include a musical composition project that uses programming to compose or a mobile app for a cell-phone like a social media or voting app. When students have successfully completed the work, written the exam and scored high enough, they are eligible to be granted credit for a first-year computer science credit at many Universities both local (UBC) and far-flung (McGill, Waterloo etc.).​

Advanced Placement Human Geography (APGeog) is an 8 credit course that familiarizes and exposes students to the interconnected and interdependent nature of today's world.  Topics that are covered include:  climate change, population growth, economic development, culture and ethnicity. Students are encouraged to think critically about past and present world events. This rigorous course is very similar to a first year university/college course.  Students have the option at the end of course to take the Advanced Placement Human Geography exam to obtain first year university/college credits.