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Support Directory


Student Last Name A-G: Diane Demug   email:
Student Last Name H-N: Sandra Curran   email
Student Last Name O - Z: Sandy Corrado   email:
International Students: Lana Skelton   email:

Learning Assistance Teachers
Student Last Name A-G: Fiona Irvine   email:
Student Last Name H-N: Mohyna Ragoonaden   email
Student Last Name O - Z: Sean Davis   email:

Staff providing other types of support

Indigenous Student Advocates:  Steve Kelly & Dawn Dionne   email: |​​
Indigenous Support Teacher:  Heather Reid   email: 
Career Life Programs Coordinator: Harry Parmar  email:
ELL Teachers:  Nicki Graham & Lana Skelton   email: |
Teacher Librarians:  Trina Manca & Jennifer Cartwright   email: |​​​​​