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Parent Advisory Council


Parent Advisory Council

The Parent Advisory Council plays an important role in the school. While there is a PAC executive, every parent/guardian with a child at KSS is automatically a PAC member and is encouraged and welcome to attend and give input/ask questions at any or all PAC meetings. It's a great way to stay connected to school happenings.

The PAC also plays a critical role regarding BC Gaming Grant Funding. KSS only receives Gaming funding, which directly benefits students, if specific PAC executive roles are filled. The PAC determines how funds are distributed at the school. At KSS, these funds are not insignificant, ranging in the neighbourhood of $30,000. Unlike, elementary/middle school PACs, where there can be a large emphasis on PAC fundraising, the KSS PAC only fundraises should it choose to.

The role of Indigenous Chair on the 2023-24 PAC Executive remains open.

The new PAC is elected at the May AGM.  There will be few spots open so if you are a parent or guardian who has a student returning to or starting at KSS in fall 2024, please consider volunteering.  To learn more, please email

KSS PAC meetings are scheduled the 2nd Tuesday each month, (except for Dec., March and June) – 7 a year. In 2023-24, we plan for three in-person meetings with the rest on zoom, to enable convenient attendance for everyone. In person meetings normally take place in the KSS LLC (Library Learning Commons).

All meetings are advertised in Whoo's News, the KSS electronic weekly newsletter. However, if you want to ensure you are on the PAC parent emailing list to receive zoom links, please email, along with the name of your student and grade saying you wish to be added.


2023-24 Meeting Dates: (as proposed)

September 12 (Tuesday) – In person at KSS

October 10 (Tuesday) – zoom

November 14 (Tuesday)  – In person at KSS

December – no meeting

January 9 (Tuesday) – zoom

February 13 -(Tuesday) – zoom

March – no meeting

April 9 – (Tuesday) zoom

May 14 (AGM and election of 2024-25 PAC) – (Tuesday) – In person at KSS

June – no meeting, unless the 2024-25 PAC would like to meet

KSS PAC Executive Committee Positions:
Chair or Co-chairs
Academic Chair
Athletic Chair
Technical Education Chair
Fine Arts Chair
Indigenous Chair
Student Support Chair
COPAC Representative(s)

KSS PAC can be contacted at Please reach out if you have comment/questions or just want to know more about PAC.

The Executive list, meeting minutes and other information can be viewed by clicking on one of the menu choices (to the left) under PAC.