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Bursaries & Scholarships

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Post secondary education is expensive and students should seek out any assistance available to them. There are many bursaries and scholarships available to grade 12 students.  A bursary is usually based on financial need whereas a scholarship is based on excellence in some area – the arts, athletics, languages etc.  Unlike student loans (which not all students qualify for), bursaries and scholarships are non-repayable awards. Every bursary or scholarship has its own criteria and deadline which have been established by the donor(s).  Every month, the counselling department advertises the bursaries and scholarships that come through the school. These are listed below, and posted on the Grade 12 Info Board outside of the Counselling Centre.

There are many other awards available to grade 12s that do not come through the school.  We always recommend that students check scholarship websites, parents' workplaces, post secondary institutions they are applying to and associations and organizations with which parents or grandparents are affiliated. β€‹

Some Scholarships or Bursaries will ask for Letters of Reference. When asking a referee for a letter, they may find it helpful to be given (or be reminded of) some information about you. If so, completing this KSS brag sheet.pdf for reference letters for them may be useful.  

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