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Exam Information
HES - Hollywood Road Educational Services
KSS - Kelowna Secondary School

*Specific Exam locations will be provided at a later date.

** Please allow an additional one (1) hour of time for registration and mid-exam break. You must remain in the exam room for the entire time. You will not be permitted to leave early.

***If you are writing two exams in one day, depending on exam writing times, there may be very little break between exams and each exam may be in different locations on the OC campus. Please bring a snack/lunch/drink with you---do not rely on being afforded sufficient time to go purchase one.


AP Exam Requirements and Exam Locations
  • Students wishing to write AP exams MUST read their AP Bulletins to ensure preparation and prompt arrival for each exam
  • AP Bulletins will be handed out by AP teachers
  • Additional AP Bulletins are available from Mrs. Jonker
  • Exam locations at both KSS and Okanagan College will be listed once scheduled
  • AP Exam requirements are extremely strict and students who do not follow AP rules and regulations may risk having their exam scores cancelled
  • NO ELECTRONIC DEVICES of any kind are permitted in the examination room